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Do I need Sales Navigator to use your application?
Do I need Sales Navigator to use your application?
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The Sales Navigator is not required for Closely - you can use our app even with a basic LinkedIn account and you will still have access to all features.
However, if you have SN, you'll have the following benefits:

You can export more contacts with our extension. For basic accounts, the limit is 1000 contacts. With SN you can extract up to 2500 profiles per list

Creating the LinkedIn campaign:

You can add the link from the Sales Nav search. You'll be able to add up to 2500 contacts to your campaign (instead 1000 for basic accounts)

Please note: Sales Navigator has to be active on the same LinkedIn account you're trying to run the campaign from

Which type of SN can I use?

At the moment, Closely supports only the Sales Nav Core tier. We're working on adding Advanced and Advanced Plus plans support already and it will become available soon
But if you have Advanced or Advanced Plus plans, you can use our Surfer Chrome extension to export leads from your lists/searches to a CSV and then upload it to a campaign.

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