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Closely Surfer (Chrome Extension)
Closely Surfer (Chrome Extension)

Where can I download the extension?

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What is Closely Surfer?

Closely Surfer is an extension that helps you find and scrape needed information from LinkedIn profiles. This information may include LinkedIn URL, first name, last name, location, job title, company, and emails.

The extension makes it easy to convert the results of the search into a CSV file. It also provides other functions to simplify LinkedIn prospecting for sales specialists.

In order to download Closely Surfer open this link. and tap the "add to Chrome" button

- Reveal LinkedIn user’s contact information: phone number, work or direct email, company name, location

- Save the result of your search into a CSV file and download it to further use in your outreach campaigns or for whatever other purpose

How to use it?
- Run the extension
- Choose "Open LinkedIn search"

- Dig out needed contact info of your prospects by visiting their profile
- If you want to export people to CSV, go to people search on LI, apply the filters you need, and hit "Export people to CSV". Wait a couple of minutes while we process the data. It will be saved to your computer.

- another way is to go to the LinkedIn user's profile and open the contact details of this user.

For better efficiency, combine the extension with Closely as a perfect mix for your prospecting aspirations, to arrange multiple LI outreach campaigns, target the most relevant audiences, and be able to connect with more than 100 people per week.

Export contacts with emails

To export contacts with emails, follow these simple steps:

- Begin by applying filters in the LinkedIn search.

- Next, click on the "export with emails" option.

- A dialog box will appear where you can enter the name of the list, the number of leads you wish to export, and the starting page.

It's worth noting that all the emails you export are sourced from our Lead Finder which has been collected by the Closely team. If you happen to not find results for specific leads, it means they are not yet included in our database.

Once the exporting process is complete, click on "Next: Add emails" to save the contacts to a separate Lead Finder list.

Will I be charged with credits for contacts without emails?

How it works:

We reserve a number of credits equal to the total number of people on the list. If we are unable to find any email addresses, we promptly return the unused credits.

In the event that no email addresses are found, we will return all the credits originally deducted.

These credits will be returned to your bonus account, allowing you to use them for future purposes.

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