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Managing your daily limits
Managing your daily limits

How many connection request can I send per day?

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There are two ways how you can manage the number of daily sent connection requests and messages:

1. Leave the warm-up feature enabled (it is enabled by default)

2. Set your own limits (if you turn off the warm-up)

The number of connection requests and follow-up messages sent is slightly randomized each day. For example, when you set a limit to 5 connections per day, you can expect that 4 to 6 connections will be sent.

This randomization depends on the number you set:

  • +/-1 for the daily limit below or equal to 9

  • +/-2 for the daily limit between 10 to 30

  • +/-3 for the daily limit above 30

Where to find this setting in our app:
LinkedIn accounts tab > cogwheel button at the right > edit

How it works for follow-ups: If not all follow-ups that were planned for that day had been sent, they would be scheduled on the next day.

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