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Lead Finder overview
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Lead Finder is a great database of business contacts with more than 143 million records.

With Lead Finer you can:

  • Find the most relevant people for your outreach

  • Export all the data into CSV and continue your outreach with any other tool you like

In the first version, you can access all the records in our database and narrow them down with the filters:

  • Company name

  • Job Title

  • Seniority level

  • Skills

  • Keywords & Industries

  • Company size

  • Prospect Location

  • Company funding

  • Company Revenue

You can also search by the name of the contact

New only filter

"New only" - is a filter next to the "All records" tab in the Lead Finder. When you apply it, we show only the records you did not open before.

Please note: the filter is available when you have less than 100,000 records opened. Even if you delete the records, our system still remembers that the contact was opened

The tool is compliant with all the privacy and data protection requirements. You find everything you want to know in our Privacy Hub at

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