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Why new messages don't appear immediately?
Why new messages don't appear immediately?
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Inbox is not a real-time tool. New messages that you can see on LinkedIn can take up to 60 minutes to appear in this Inbox. They also will not appear here if they were sent during your non-working hours. And here is why.

At first, let's understand how Closely works. Closely is a bot, who does all the manual work for you. It sends equal connection requests and follow-up messages in order to save your time for meaningful conversations with prospects who replied to you. But LinkedIn does not like bots. So they set certain limits for the number of connections, messages, profile views, likes, etc. If they see these limits are exceeded, they can send you a warning message or even restrict your account for a while.

Here at Closely we do not support any spam either and treat all the LinkedIn requirements with respect. This is why you have a warm-up period and a limit of messages you can send every day. The same limits are set for the Inbox messages. Each Inbox update means the bot goes to LinkedIn and grabs your new messages. Do you follow where is it going? In order to keep it safe, we send the bot to find new messages at certain intervals. This is why new messages do not appear at the same moment they are sent.

Closely Inbox is not a real-time messenger and is not trying to replace it. We designed it to work with campaigns and for systematic contacts processing. Here is what is not possible to do in LinkedIn messenger, but can be easily done in Closely Inbox:

1) You can add any tag to your prospect, for example, "interested", or "send more insights later". You can filter all your messages by these tags in order to see your prospects with similar tags.

2) You can filter all your messages by campaign, in order to see what were the exact results of each campaign you launched.

3) You can leave notes for each conversation with a prospect. It can be for you not to forget something, or for your colleagues to catch up on your conversation.

4) If you use a few LinkedIn accounts, you can view all your messages in the same Inbox, not having to log in and log out a few times in LinkedIn.

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