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Precautions to take to avoid account restrictions:

Account Synchronization: Before syncing your LinkedIn account with Closely platform, ensure that all active sessions or campaigns on other LinkedIn-connected services are completed.

Trial Period: We prioritize the security of our users' LinkedIn accounts. For this reason, we designate dedicated proxies specifically for users who have a subscription plan. This practice ensures that both the user and our system utilize identical login parameters, mitigating any suspicions from LinkedIn.

It's important to note that during the trial version of our product, this specific type of proxy is not allocated. Consequently, we strongly advise users to exclusively operate within the warm-up mode of the platform during this trial phase.

Warm-up Period: Set a warming-up period for your account lasting at least one month.

Exclusive Synchronization: When syncing your LinkedIn account with Closely, ensure it's not concurrently connected to other 3-rd parties prospecting products with active campaigns within LinkedIn.

Consistent Usage: During the active outreach/prospecting phase, avoid using your LinkedIn account on separate devices to maintain consistency.

New Account Strategy: For new accounts, it's advisable to start with only one campaign at a time.

Daily Connection Limit: Well-established accounts can have a daily connection limit of up to 30.

Personalized Communication: To avoid triggering LinkedIn algorithms, personalize your messages and connection invites, steering clear of generic content.

Dealing with Restrictions: If your account faces temporary LinkedIn restrictions, consider reducing your outreach activities for at least a month following the restriction period.

These guidelines are designed to help you maximize the benefits of our product while ensuring compliance with LinkedIn's policies. For further assistance or questions, our support team is ready to help. Remember that LinkedIn's policies and algorithms may change, so it's important to stay informed and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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