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Appoint by Closely
Appoint by Closely

Embed team booking links into your nurturing emails, so the customers could always get in touch whenever they need your help.

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How to start?

Go to the Appoint tab in your Closely account:

To begin, you'll have to connect your calendar; you now have the option to integrate with both Google and Microsoft calendars. This can be accomplished with a single click within the integration section found within the Appoint interface.


Google provides the following features through a unified integration accessible with just a few clicks:

  • User calendar functionality for seamless automatic event creation and editing.

  • Gmail integration, enables the sending of emails on the user's behalf to their guests.

  • Google Meet integration, facilitating the automatic generation of online conference links and their addition to the calendar.

Microsoft includes:

  • User calendar functionality for seamless automatic event creation and editing.

  • Outlook enables the sending of emails on the user's behalf to their guests.


  • If you utilize MS Teams for your online conferences, this integration allows you to link them to our product. This way, you can effortlessly obtain unique call links and have them automatically added to your calendar. This compatibility extends to both MS and Google calendars.


  • The ability to automatically create and attach links to the calendar for Zoom calls

Event creation

To create an event, you need to connect at least one calendar. After that, just click on the "New event type" button.

Event types:

One-on-one - the event with one host and one guest.

Group - the event with one host and many guests per timeslot. For example, if you conduct regular webinars or group demos.

Collective - the event with many hosts and one guest. For example, if both the manager and the technical specialist should be present at the demo. (available only for admin)

Round robin - the ability to include multiple hosts. However, for each meeting, an automatic assignment will take place, considering factors such as their availability at that time and the workload of other hosts. (available only for admin)

Hosts setup

There is a possibility to explicitly configure who will be the host, and what integration with the online conference should be used for him (since there can be many of them). For events where there is more than one host - the ability to add and remove.

Event setup

General fields with titles and descriptions will be displayed for the guest on the booking page. Asterisk marks required fields.

Also, you can configure how long this type of event will be available (always, X days, within the period) and the duration of the event.

Then you can choose the available time for booking, taking into account the time zone, as well as leave a buffer time between bookings.

There is a possibility to send custom reminders and follow-ups. You can set the time interval and it will be sent from the host's email account. If you do not fill in anything, the default text will be applied as in the example below.

In case of a successful booking, you can show our default confirmation page, or you can redirect to your own page.

Using the event

You have an option to use it either as a direct link (which can be added to a mailing list, for instance) or to embed it directly onto a website.

Here are 3 available options:

Booking page

A page where the guest can choose the day and time to meet the host and book the event.

On the left - event description and host data;

Center - calendar with available dates;

On the right - available time slots for the selected date, taking into account the time zone (substituted automatically from the location of the guest, the difference is also automatically adapted);

If you need 2 teammates to be present at the meeting, the booking page will display a slot that is free in the calendars of 2 teammates.

The client does not need to book the call separately in the calendars of each teammate

For booking, you have to enter your name and email.
Here is what the confirmation page looks like. You can manually add it to a custom calendar, cancel an event, or reschedule it.

This is how the event looks like in the guest calendar:

The invitation will also be sent via email.

Bookings tab

Here you will find a display of all booked slots, a filter by upcoming and completed ones. The option of exporting to CSV is available.


Here are the contacts of all people who have ever made a booking.


You can create availability profiles and use them when creating an event in one click so that you do not fill out information every time.

Profile settings

The information that is filled in here will be displayed on the user's public page.

Custom branding

The ability to fully customize the appearance of the calendar to the style of your brand. The option is available only to the admin.

If you need any additional information - please, contact our support team via the chat at the lower right corner of our website or via email - [email protected]

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