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How to sync a LinkedIn account using Closely Surfer?
How to sync a LinkedIn account using Closely Surfer?
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To sync your LinkedIn account using the Closely Surfer extension, follow these simple steps:

- Go to the Accounts tab and click on "Add new account" or "Sync".

- You can choose between entering your credentials or syncing with Chrome extension. If you don't have Closely Surfer installed, you will see the "Add to Chrome" button, which will take you to the Chrome Store page. If the extension is already installed, you will be redirected to the LinkedIn page.

- Your LinkedIn page will open, and you will see the "Connect my account" button displayed in the extension window. After clicking on it, your LinkedIn account will be synced with Closely.

If you need any additional information - please, contact our support team via chat at the lower right corner

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