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How to exclude people added to other campaigns?
How to exclude people added to other campaigns?
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"Exclude people added to other campaigns" - is a filter that can be applied at the last step of creating a campaign to show and remove contacts from previous campaigns,

The filter is turned on by default. The "Available" tab shows the total number of contacts in your campaign (with and without exclusions).

The "Already in connections" tab shows the people who you are already among your 1st-degree connections

By hovering the cursor over the symbol next in the campaigns column (see the screenshot below) you can see in which campaigns the contact has been used before and the status of those campaigns.

Please note: It takes up to 10 minutes to save contacts in our database before they can be displayed in your next campaign with the filter "exclude people added to other campaigns"

It means that when you add contacts to Campaign #1 and a few minutes later those same contacts to Campaign_#2, in the second campaign we won't be able to tell you that those contacts were already used in the first campaign.

The "Exclude people" function works properly if there are more than 10 minutes apart between the first and second campaigns' creations.

If you have any additional questions, we will be glad to help you :)

You can contact us via live chat or email: [email protected]


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