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How many emails I can send per day?
How many emails I can send per day?
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To set a number of emails to be sent by Closely go to Email Outreach -> Accounts -> Daily emails limit. Please find our recommendations below.

For Gmail

  • start with 100 emails per day;

  • after a week increase this number to 300;

  • after another week increase it to 500;

  • continue increasing the number of emails adding 100-200 emails per week before you reach the desired number or the allowed maximum.

Of course, you are free to start with a higher number, however, if you have never run any bulk email campaigns from your email account, this might look suspicious and your account can be suspended for a period from 1 to 24 hours.

For Outlook

The maximum number of recipients you can add to a Closely outreach campaign is 5000. The number of emails in a sequence is not limited.

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