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Closely has a built-in powerful network manager, that allows you to quickly search, sort, and group contacts that you're already connected with.

Besides that, My network is also interconnected with our Lead Finder, so you can find emails of your leads with a couple of clicks.

After you choose an audience in the list, at the top bar the following buttons appear:

Buttons from left to right:
- Message: allows to launch a new campaign on the selected group of people

- Apply tag: allows to apply a tag on the selected group of people

- Open contacts: searches emails in our database. Each opened email costs 1 credit (just like on the Explorer tab). Closely won't charge you twice for already opened emails

- Grow network: allows creating a connection type of campaign to grow your network

- Export: allows you to download a CSV with all the data that you see

If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us via chat at the right :)

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