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What do errors mean in the campaign's status?
What do errors mean in the campaign's status?

What do those red numbers mean?

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You may notice that some of your campaigns have errors displayed next to the connections sent number.

Here are the most common reasons for those errors:

- LinkedIn has changed the markup or layout on the pages and our app needs some time to adjust

- The contact is already in your 1st-degree connection

- The contact has blocked the ability to send connections/messages

- Sending a connection was scheduled, but the contact's account was blocked

- The connection message length with the added variables was more than 300 symbols. Such connections will not be sent due to the LinkedIn limits

What you can do with these errors:

- Export the campaign's data to find out which connection requests failed

- Create a new campaign only for those contacts or try to connect with them manually on LinkedIn

Seeing up to 5% of errors is absolutely Ok and if your campaign has more, please contact our support team via the chat

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