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Some people do not appear in my audience, why?
Some people do not appear in my audience, why?

I am 100% sure I added them.

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Connection campaigns

At the second step of creating a campaign, you choose your audience:

At the last step, you see the list of people who are going to receive your messages:

Often the number of people you are adding to the campaign and the number of people on the last step does not match.

For example, you saw that 300 people reacted to the post, scrap the audience from this post, and see 200 people on the last step.


Where are 100 more people?

Let's take a look at the most common reasons for this.

  1. You are already connected.

    It is not possible to send a connection request to a person who you are already connected with. So your 1st connections are excluded automatically.

  2. This person is not accepting connection requests.

    Some people add this restriction to their profile settings. You can see these profiles on LinkedIn, they do not have a Connect button next to their name.

  3. 'Show people added to other campaigns' switch.

    If it is on, you see only people who were already added to other Closely campaigns. If you turn it off you see all the people in your audience.

  4. Any changes 'on the fly'.

    If anyone closed their account / removed their reaction from the post / left the group while we were scraping the audience. But this can cause a very small difference.

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