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Send connection requests to add new people to your network

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Multichannel campaign allows you to send requests, follow-up messages, and emails in one sequence. To start a campaign:

1. Go to the Campaigns tab and press "New campaign" at the top right corner.

2. Firstly, you need to name your campaign, and choose a LinkedIn account and email account ( if you intend to send emails to your target audience). Without selecting an email account the action "Send email" will be unavailable.

Note: It is important to know that you can not add an email account without choosing a LinkedIn account for a campaign. Simultaneously, you have the option to include a LinkedIn account without the necessity of adding an email account.

3. Import leads with CSV upload or LinkedIn URL to the search page / post / event / group

Note: If you need to add the "Send email" action to the sequence, the audience must be imported only from a CSV file, otherwise, this option will be unavailable. If you upload the leads from other sources - you need to add the "Find email" step before the steps to send the emails

4. Create a sequence of actions for your campaign. You can set a delay in days for each action after adding it (The minimum delay is 1 hour).

What you should know regarding the sequence:

- If the contact replies to your connection request, follow-up message, or email, the sequence will stop automatically for this contact.

- If you get an autoreply or email bounced, the sequence stops for email actions. But actions related to LinkedIn will continue to be performed in this case.

Now, let's examine a particular example.
Imagine that you set such an action order and got an autoreply to the 1st email from a contact.

In this particular case, emails will not be sent, but the contact will receive a connection request and follow-up.

How delays will work:

Since the "Send email" action will not be performed, the delay between the Connection request and the Message will be 1 day.

5. Verify the list of contacts and start your campaign!

You can set the number of contacts for each campaign.
This feature is available for LinkedIn Search, Post engagement, Event attendees, and Group member sources.

The default quantity is 500 contacts, but you can change the amount from 1 to 2500.
Please, remember that 2500 is the maximum number for Sales Navigator. For a standard search and the search from LinkedIn Recruiter, it's 1000 contacts.

The more contacts you want to collect, the longer you have to wait. For example, 100 search pages are processed in +/- 20 minutes.

During the collecting of the audience, you can close the window. The scraping will continue working in the background. At any time, you can open the campaign creation funnel through Edit and, if the audience has already been collected, launch the campaign.

Note: It is important to understand that 100 search results pages (which is the LinkedIn limit) may not have the number of contacts you specified. It means that we will process all 100 pages, but they will have, for example, 800 contacts available for the campaign.

If you need any additional information - please, contact our support team via chat at the lower right corner

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